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"Defending the Truth with Bob Dutko" tackles head on some of the false teachings Christians have been conditioned to believe. Bob uses logic, science, history, evidence and intellectual reasoning to defend the truth of Jesus Christ, the evidence for his Resurrection, for God's existence, for Biblical

 Creation verses Evolution, the historical accuracy of the Bible, America's Christian Heritage and more, through interviews, commentary and respectful debate. He also shows how the arguments for abortion, homosexuality, pluralism, New Age, Islam, the Separation of Church and State, and many more just don't stand up to the facts when presented in a clear, concise and respectful way.

Bob has engaged in countless debates with the ACLU, national atheist groups, evolutionary scientists, Planned Parenthood, Muslim Scholars, homosexual groups, New Age experts, cult leaders and more. He has been quoted in newspapers throughout the country and appeared on various news, radio and television programs such as Christian Television Network and Inside Edition. Bob has been married 24 years to his wife, Jeannine and they have six sons. Their first born child and only daughter Colleen suddenly and unexpectedly collapsed in Bobís arms and died instantly for no explained reason at age 17 on Mother's Day 2002, while having a normal conversation with him. Bob has used this tragedy to remind Christians that our hope and trust must always be in God alone, that God is sovereign, that our faith in Him can not be shaken by circumstances and that in good times or bad, He will never leave us or forsake us.


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Guests appearing on Bob's show have included:
Pat Robertson * Jerry Falwell * James Dobson * John McCain * Mike Huckabee * Pat Boone * Gary Bauer * Joyce Meyer * Josh McDowell * Jack Hayford * Pat Buchanan * John MacArthur * Oliver North * Lee Strobel * Erwin Lutzer * Norman Geisler * Hank Hannagraaff * Bill Bennett * Amy Grant * Sandy Patty * Ravi Zacharias * Rev. Robert Schuller * Newt Gingrich * Ann Coulter * Alan Keyes * D. James Kennedy * Stephen Arterburn * John Eldridge * Albert Mohler * Kevin Leman * Les Parrott * Gary Smalley * Sheila Walsh * T.D. Jakes * Hal Lindsey * Frank Peretti * Tim Lahaye * Jack Canfield * John Hagee * Dinesh D'Souza * Judge Roy Moore * Tony Campolo * Jim Wallis * Jay Sekulow * Deborah Norville * Wayne LaPierre * George Barna * Zig Ziglar * Paula White * Stephen Baldwin * Gary Chapman * R.C. Sproul * Os Guiness * Ray Comfort * Kirk Cameron * Norma McCorvey.


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