News and Politics - Bob Dutko
Each day Bob Dutko takes a look at the topics facing our nation and our world. He looks at them from a Christian and Concervative point of view and forces listeners to think about the issues. These short commentaries are heard on most CBC stations nationwide.

Hart's Harrang - Michael Hart
On a daily basis, MIchael Hart challenges his listeners to connect the dots and really think about the news each day. he does more than look at what is happening. He also looks at why things happen. Because of this, many CBC stations include "Hart's Harrang" as part of their daily line up. These 2.5 minute features give listeners a chance to take a serious look at the world around them and think about the story behind the news.

Lee Davis Commentary - Lee Davis
Lee Davis is considered the "human wikipedia". His recall ability is unmatched when it comes to political facts and statistics. In the "Lee Davis Commentary", Lee Davis looks at the political landscape and talks about what is happening to our country and what is coming on the horizon.

Political Round Table - Bob Dutko, Lee Davis, Michael Hart, Dr. Gina Loudon
During the 2010 election process, many of CBC's top political hosts got together and presented an honest and open discussion about the upcoming choices the country would have to make. These features were airong on most CBC stations.




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